Carolina Pines Women’s Dojo – Instructor Mary Margaret Graham

Lake Placid Martial Arts Academy – Instructor Peter Peck

New England Rendokan – Instructor Darryl Baleshiski

New York Rendokan – Instructor Robert Weinberg

Okinawan Karate Club of Ann Arbor – Instructor Barbara Christensen

Okinawan Karate Club of Ann Arbor (adult program) – Instructor Missy Suidara

Okinawan Karate Club of Atlanta – Instructor Tim Kelley

Okinawan Karate Club of Arlington – Instructors Lyn Hunt & Jackie Pinson

Okinawan Karate Club of Dallas – Instructor Ilene Smoger

Okinawan Karate Club of Latana - Instructor Wayne Murphy

Okinawan Karate Club of San Francisco – Instructor Michele Elefante

Powell River Rendokan Shibu – Instructor Alan Hernandez

Tony Penna's Extreme Karate– Instructor Tony Penna

Tˇyei Rendokan - Instructor Sheree Adams

Winchester Rendokan – Instructor Randy Garrett








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